McNeil River Bears Professional Photographers

Viewing opportunities are so unique at McNeil that it attracts photographers from around the world. Through their products ranging from coffee table books to National Geographic webcam specials they have been able to share the experience with millions of people. Nearly all visitors to McNeil River are photographers at various levels of skills and abilities. We have received photographic contributions from many of these visitors, which we try to distribute in both this website and in our newsletters, with acknowledgement of their names along with the photos. They are all greatly appreciated. We will be working on updating this section with names and contacts of professional photographers that have been to McNeil and offer their photos for sale. If you have a favorate photographer that you would like to recommend to us, please do so on our Contact page. Thank you.

Leo & Dorothy Keeler

Our first president, Leo Keeler, is a photographer, as is Dorothy Keeler, his wife, who are both tireless advocates for protecting the McNeil bears. Their timely message on YouTube titled, Don’t Let Them Shoot McNeil River Bears!, has received an enormous number of hits.

Scott McGee

Scott McGee has generously donated most of the photographs that have appeared on the FOMR website, including the incredible bear photo in banner at the top of this page.

Steve Harryman

One of our contributors to the cause is Steve Harryman. Check out the remarkable footage he has recorded for his River of Bears documentary.

Home Photographers